About eBioZoom

The online magazine eBioZoom is published by the Danish Society for Biochemistry (Biokemisk Forening).

eBioZoom covers topics within biotechnology, medical research, university politics, education strategy, biological developments, and other topics relevant to researchers and scientists working with life sciences.

The editorial board currently consists of

  • Steen Gammeltoft, professor emeritus, dr.med.
  • Helene Halkjær Jensen, postdoc, Aalborg University
  • Mette Vixø Vistesen, scientific writer, Novo Nordisk
  • Lotte Victoria Winther Stagsted, PhD student, Aarhus University

Inputs, comments, articles, or suggestions to content are very welcome from our readers.

From 1998 to 2018, BioZoom was published as a print magazine. Now, the magazine has transformed into a more interactive online format. Old articles are integrated into this new format, but also available in the archive.

Articles in eBioZoom are in English or Danish. Authors have the rights to the pictures, unless other sources are indicated.